CasinoMentor: How do you choose a slot to play?

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Because your income directly impacts your choice of slot, it is difficult and will always remain so. Although there are many options, we have narrowed it down to just five key indicators: variance, RTP, variance paytable paylines and betting range (or denomination).


RTP stands for Return to Player. RTP is short for Return to Player. This percentage shows how the player will receive their maximum value relative to their wagers. For example, a RTP of 96% will mean that $96 is paid for every $100 spent in the game. This is subject to some conditions. Because this is a theoretical number it will be almost lower depending on how many people have placed their bets. A second condition is that RTP can only apply if the players win the games multiple times or if there are many winners at once. This is why we added the term "on average". RTP is a term that describes how RTP works.

RTP above 96% is considered high, which is what players should aim for. A higher RTP is associated with bigger prizes. And who doesn't like big money? It's important to remember that the RTP is only a measure of how much you could win. Not how often. Variance is a big factor.

By Variance

Variance is, as the name implies, how much A is different from B. In this example, A andB represent small wins and big victories, or low risk and high reward. Economics has a saying "High Risk, High Reward", which means that to gain more you must be willing to sacrifice more. The same applies to gambling: in order to win big, you need to give something. In this instance, it is your time and money. Low variance will allow you to play more often with less wagering costs (smaller stakes), and vice versa. Do you feel dizzy yet?

By Paytable

Let's get loose with some eye-catching gems from Starburst slot’s paytable.

Is there any special about this? Why are the payouts so close to each other? What does that mean exactly?

There is a small connection between variance (paytable) and the number of wins. Low payouts (or small wins) are the most common paytable elements. This is a sign of the low volatility of the slots. There are many factors that can affect the variance, including how many symbols you have, what the pay rates are for each symbol, which are the different pay groups and bonuses, and the features available within the game. It is difficult to tell how often you will win that juicy jackpot because the developer does not directly indicate it in their games. Instead, look at the paytable.

By Paylines

You can be a star and get your hands on Santa's gift bags by being a payline. Payline: You will be paid if you place symbols on a specific line. That was how it worked before. The definition of "slot games" has changed to include more complex and sophisticated slot games. There is no need for players to line up symbols, rather paylines can be set up with different patterns. We have separated them into three types: the allways, the megaways and the classic ones.

Conventional paylines include paylines that have a low amount. These paylines are usually lower than maximum paylines. 20, 25, 40 and other paylines.

All-ways, the maximum number possible paylines in a slots game, is the 243 ways. It can land from any direction, right to left, or left toright.

Megaways offers a new type payline and comes with a slot that can be changed.

By Betting range and Denomination

We will end with the last category, which is the betting range or denomination. Gamblers can only eat so much. So, what exactly are these and why do they matter?

The betting range is the lowest and highest amount of money you can place in a slot machine game. A wide range of betting options will be sufficient for most players and their bankroll limits. Players with smaller amounts will have fewer choices. Will you choose to play 100 $10 spins for $1000 or ten $100 ones? You can make this decision however.

On the other hand, the denomination is the cost of your ticket. The greater the denomination, both in terms of cost and overall prize, the more expensive your wager will be. There are five denominations that can be used for slot games: the penny, nickel quarter, dollar, high limit and quarter.

Finding the Best Slots from a Provider

Different software companies have different ways of designing slot games. Therefore, slotters have many options depending on the type of game they're looking for. You want to play a game with engaging gameplay and state-ofthe-art graphics? Get free slots no Download. Do you want to make big bucks? You have nothing to lose, Yggdrasil Gaming's slot games are the best. You want slot games with unique themes and rich storylines? WMS Gaming has the best slots. The comprehensive list of top providers will allow you to narrow down your choices. You will be impressed.